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What we do

As the saying goes, the hardest part of any task is often the beginning. Simply getting your thoughts organized and put into words on a page can be the most difficult part of writing.

But what about the many challenges and questions that soon follow once you’ve cleared that initial hurdle? Is the writing clear and concise? Are the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax correct? Does the document flow well? And what about those pesky references and citations—are they correctly formatted?

PenPoint Editing can ensure these questions are answered with a resounding “yes!”  Providing specialized services for academic writers and non-native English speakers, PenPoint Editing can help you produce a top-quality manuscript ready for publication.  


Depending on your needs, PenPoint Editing offers copyediting and proofreading services.

Copyediting entails a substantive examination of the structure, style, and clarity of the document, and also focuses on grammar, spelling, and a spot check of references and citations.

If you feel confident that your manuscript needs a lighter touch simply to correct any misspellings or errors in punctuation or capitalization, and to ensure that all headings are correct, a final proofread may be in order before publication.

Fees & Payment

Rates are charged on a per-page basis. Industry standard is 250 words per page.

Copyediting: $7/page.
Proofreading: $5/page.
Rush job (24-48 hour turnaround, depending on length of project up to 30 pages; longer documents will be negotiated): $9/page for copyediting, $7/page for proofreading.

Payments will be processed online through PayPal, and are generally expected prior to the completion of work. Alternative payment methods may be negotiated.

Format & Process

All documents must be submitted as Word (.doc) files, and should be sent to

PenPoint Editing will use the “track changes” function in Word to make known any necessary edits, and will email the document back to you upon completion.

If you are unfamiliar with the track changes function in Word, please see this tutorial.


PenPoint Editing has worked with, and is recommended by, the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education and its attendant journals and conferences.

With more than 10 years of experience as a copyeditor and writer, Christopher Klotschkow of PenPoint Editing has also worked with the Florida State University, IntraHealth International, Inc., and GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals. Over the course of a Master's degree in English Literature, he gained valuable experience teaching undergraduate English Composition courses.